sampler one

by Lena Records

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released November 5, 2015

Sampler one presents the artists of Lena Records in new compositions written especially for this occasion and exclusive only to this release (with the exception of tracks #1 and #7). Spanning ambient, progressive rock, acoustic folk and industrial inspired minimalism, it covers a considerable portion of musical styles that will be the focus of this record label. It also includes a debut- a first ever published recording of Broadcasts From Atomic Age project.


Track #1 written by Radek Kordasiewicz with additional writing by Bill Forth and Juan R Leõn. Recorded between June 2012 and July 2013 at Reedcording Drum Studio, Deltona, Strada Sphere Studio, Davenport, West Hollywood, California and Piława Górna, Poland by Bill Forth (guitar), Reed Hayes (drums), Radek Kordasiewicz (loops & programming) and Juan R Leõn (bass guitar atmospherics). Produced and mixed by Kordasiewicz.

Track #2 by Michał Kacper Waloszczyk (electronics), recorded in September 2015 in Wrocław, Poland.

Track #3 music and lyrics by Gabriela Wasilewska (acoustic guitar, vocals), recorded in September 2015 in Gdańsk, Poland.

Track #4 by Juan R Leõn (4 and 12 string bass guitars, loop station, E-Bow) in September-October 2015 at Strada Sphere Studio, Davenport.

Track #5 written by Radek Kordasiewicz and Bill Forth. Recorded in October 2015 in Los Angeles, California, Piława Górna, Poland and at Jerzy Zając's studio in Kraków, Poland by Bill Forth (guitar, keyboards), Radek Kordasiewicz (loops, programming, keyboards) and Kasia Sokołowska (voice). Lyrics, production and mixing by Radek Kordasiewicz.

Track #6 by Radek Kordasiewicz (electronica), recorded in June, 2015 in Piława Górna, Poland.

Track #7 by Reed Hayes (bass guitar, drums, guitar, keyboards), recorded in 2014 at Reedcording Drum Studio, Deltona.

Artwork and design by Radek Kordasiewicz

A Lena Records release / catalogue number: LRSMP#1



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Lena Records Poland

Established in 2015, Lena Records is an internet based record label specializing in ambient, progressive rock and electronic music as well as related genres such as acoustic folk and experimental jazz, among others.

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Track Name: Gabii - Miss You
In the night time, with the lights out
I still miss you sometimes
When it's silent and I'm tired
That's when you show up in my mind
I feel hopeless, oh so hopeless
It seems that I'm stuck behind
'Cause you moved on and I too
Have someone new now but I
I still miss you
I still miss you
I still miss you sometimes

Now we're older
And I act colder
When I look into your eyes
'Cause your hers now and I must go now
I can't stay with you this time
Because you move me, unconsciously
I need to get away 'cause I
I can't show you how much I'd like to
Be the one to hold you tonight
I still miss you
I still miss you
I still miss you sometimes
Track Name: Aktorka i Poeta - Po prostu bajka
Szum i wiatr
Fale biją w brzeg i biły tak
Kiedy nas jeszcze nie było
Jesteśmy jak z książki, z obrazka
Jak z filmów, których dziś już nie kręcą
Jak ci, którzy uciekają z blaknących zdjęć
I robi się cicho, aż słychać zegary serc
I robi się tak, jak ma być

W diamentach słońca spływającego z drzew
W pyle kwiatów zapomniani
Piszemy na mapach z gałęzi
O cichych marzeniach

Tak dobrze jest być samemu
Jeszcze tylko przez sekundę
Tak dobrze wrócić do pustego domu
Już ostatni raz
I marzyć o miłości
Która już tu jest

I kto by pomyślał- to przecież takie proste
Tak zwyczajne
Pocałunki i spojrzenia, niby wyświechtane
Przytulenia, księżyc i spacery w słońcu
Ty i ja
Po prostu bajka

- - - - - - - -

Simply a Fairytale

A hiss and wind
Waves hit the shore and they used to hit like this
Before we were born
It's as if we've come out of a book, a picture
It's as if we're from those movies that no one makes anymore
Like those who escape from discoloring photographs
And it becomes silent, and one can hear the clocks of hearts
And it becomes as it should always be

In diamonds of sun leaking from the trees
Forgotten in the dust of flowers
We write on maps made of branches
We write about silent dreams
Which came true

It's so good to be alone
For only one more second
So good to return to an empty house
For the last time
And dream about love
Which is already here

And who would've though, since it's so simple
So ordinary
Kisses and looks, supposedly trite
Hugs, moon and walks in the sun
You and me
Simply a fairytale